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人間界からみて西方10万億の仏土を隔てた場所にある、阿弥陀仏が守っている浄土です。 日本ではこの仏様一体の中に、無量寿と無量光の2つの意味が含まれますが、チベット仏教ではお姿そのものも分けて描かれます。





      The western Pure land of Amitābha Buddha and Hell


Amitābha Buddha lives in this pure land where is in the west direction from Jambudv Jambudvīpa. The Buddha who has red body Sitting in the center is Amitābha. Just above the Amitābha is Buddha Śākyamuni with two great disciples, Śāriputra who was so diligence and Mandgalyāyana who was skilled in ability of the miracles. Their overhead there are Five Dhyani Buddhas in five colors. Avalokiteśvara and Vajrapāņi are standing in Both sides of the Amitābha’s throne. And six Bodhisattvas are followed around them, each Mañjuśhrī, Avalokiteśhvara, Maitreya, Kshitigarbha, Akashagarbha, Sarvanivaranavishkambhin and Samantabhadra. In total it is said eight auspicious Bodhisattvas. Under the throne there is Padmasaṃbhava and children are born in sequence in lotus pond. This picture is depicted hell on the lower side for making person feel to practice hard to liberation. When we get out from samsara and arrive this pure land, it is said that we don’t need to have any negative feelings.