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左上から始まります。 麻耶婦人は、6本の牙を持つ白い象が右脇から自分の中に入ってくる夢を見て妊娠を知りました。 やがて出産が近づいたため、実家に戻る道中のルンビニで、右脇から息子を出産します。 生まれたゴータマはすぐに立ち上がり、7歩あるいて「天上天下唯我独尊」と唱えたといいます。 右上の絵は、青年に成長したゴータマが、いとこ達と弓矢を競い合って勝つシーンです。 左側の上から二番目の絵には、ゴータマが初めてお城の外を歩き、生老病死の現実を目の当たりにする様子が描かれています。 その後、断髪をして出家すると、6年間ほとんど飲まず食わずの瞑想修行に入ります。 しかしこの方法では悟ることが出来ないと知ると、お供え物の乳粥を食べて元気を取り戻し、静かに菩提樹の木の下に座りました。 たくさんの魔物が彼を襲います。 それに耐え抜いた後、悟りを得て「仏陀」となるのです。

中央の絵はインドのサルナートという場所で、初めての初転法輪を行っているところです。両脇で供物を捧げているのは梵天と帝釈天です。 やがて、たくさんの弟子を従えた仏陀は布教活動に赴く道中、体調を壊し涅槃に入ります。多くの生きとし生ける者たちが悲しみにくれ、集まってきたそうです。


      The Twelve deeds of the Buddha

Buddha came to the world from Tuṣita Heaven. His father was King Śuddhodana of the Śhakyas. His Queen Māyādevī possessed all of the womanly virtues and was fit for the miraculous conception of a bodhisattva. Māyādevī dream that white elephant with six tusks entered her right side, and she knew the pregnancy. Nine months and ten days later, when she arrived Lumbini grove the journey for visiting her parents, she birth Gautama Siddhārtha from under her right arm. Gautama took seven steps in each of the four directions, and lotus flowers sprung spontaneously under his feet. He pronounced his first words, saying“I am supreme in the three worlds”.

The top right picture is the scene of mastery of learning and athletics as a youth. The second picture from the top right is the four inevitables in human life. After this, he start to think renounciation of life. He stayed in the palace till twenty-nine years old, and he shaved head. With the end of austerities for six years, he realized that this way does not work for enlightenment, and after having milk porridge of offering from Sujātā, he has sat under the bodhi tree. After scoffed a lot of Māra, he attained enlightenment. The middle picture is the scene of first teaching in Sarnath with Brahmā and Indraḥ on both sides. He devoted rest of his life for teaching. When he arrived at Kushinagar, he lay down with his head pointing to the north, on his right side. This is the famous posture of Parinirvāṇa. In his funeral pyre, it was happened many auspicious phenomenon. At that time, so many sentient beings have gathered and grieved.