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法衣だけをまとって、王冠や装飾品などを身に付けない他の如来の中で、大日如来は、頭に王冠、胸には瓔珞、そして腕にも腕釧を付けるなど、様々な装飾品で身を飾っています。 大日如来には、『金剛頂経』と『大日経』に基づく2つの姿があります。


※ 右の絵は、金剛界大日如来と蓮の台座は日本のスタイルで描かれています。


      Vajradhātu Mahāvairocana


In general Tathāgata has characteristic of mudrā without implements, crown and various ornaments which is looks like Bodhisattva . But Mahāvairocana ornament themselves and also making mudrā. This picture is Vajradhātu Mahāvairocana from『Vajrasekhara Sutra』. He is making Vajra Mudrā which is the gesture of wisdom. On his head he wares crown of Five Dhyani Buddhas. The long hair represents salvation of all sentient beings.

※Vajradhātu Mahāvairocana and lotus throne are depicted in Japanese style in this picture.