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      The pure land of Padmasaṃbhava

This pure land where Padmasaṃbhava went after completing his activities to establish Buddhism in Tibet. The top level of the palace roof is the Dharmakāya pure realm. The five deities depicted here are the Five Buddha families of Padmasaṃbhava. The second level of the palace is the Sambhogakāya pure realm where the eight Vidhyādharas dwell. Enthroned in the centre is Padmasaṃbhava in his traditional Indian form. The main palace on this copper mountain is the Nirmāṇakāya pure land, with Padmasaṃbhava seated on the central throne. Both side of him are his Tibetan and Indian consorts. Beyond that to the left are seated the Panditas of the Sutrayana with King Trisong Deutsen and his son the prince Mutik Senpo behind them. To the right are Vajrayana adepts and behind them is ‘Four empowerments Maṇdala’surrounded by dancing dakinis of the four directions of the four activities. In front are offerings and gaṇachakra feast offerings. There four doors in the four directions of the palace, where the deities of the four activities abide. The western direction which represents the activity of magnetizing. Hayagriva stands on a semi-circular platform a little further along, representing the yellow southern direction for increasing activitiy. To the north, on the other side, is the wrathful Padmasaṃbhava, standing on a triangular platform representing subjugating activity.

The story of this picture begin from the lower right side. Terton Chokgyur Lingpa visit with five dakinis Jambudvīpa first, Potara palace, Samye, Mt.Kailash in Tibet. And they flew to India and pilgrimage some holy place of Buddha, Mt.Malaya(one of the sacred sites of the Vajrayana), Bodhgaya, and dakini’s pure realm.After that they arrive to the gate for enter pure realm of Padmasaṃbhava. Once they crossed the bridge, they were in the twelve realms of the Rākṣasaḥ demons, which were all visible from one place. Rākṣasaḥ are one of the eight classes of gods and demons, a kind of malignant spirit that eats human fresh. Depicted in the circles above each of the twelve countries are the deities which are practiced there. They entered Padmasaṃbhava’s pure realm walking on a beam of light emitted from the boat, which led them into a tunnel through a crystal mountain.